Adjudication is a fast track construction-specific alternative dispute resolution procedure whereby an expert adjudicator makes a decision on a single dispute, usually within 28 days of appointment.

The Building Safety Act, possibly the most important construction legislation in a generation, seeks to improve the safety of buildings in England & Wales, through new regulatory frameworks and accountability.

Disputes between 2 or more parties in the construction supply chain are common and often complex. Usually they involve breaches of contract and claims that the works are defective and/or in delay. There are many forums for resolving these disputes.

Find out why you need a specialist construction lawyer, which are the best construction law firms and the most highly regarded construction law barristers’ chambers.

Construction legislation is complex and ever-evolving, with a myriad of statutes, regulations and case law dictating the rights and obligations of parties involved in the construction sector.

The COVID-19 pandemic and Brexit have both had a significant impact on the construction sector, including disruptions to supply chains, labour and material price inflation, as well as increased regulatory requirements and uncertainty.