HMO (House in Multiple Occupation License)

Under the Housing Act 2004 it is an offence to not register and gain a License for a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) where required.  If your landlord has failed to register, you could be entitled to up to 12 months’ rent back from your landlord.

A landlord needs a license for a HMO that is:

  • rented to five or more people who form more than one “household”
  • some or all tenants share toilet, bathroom or kitchen facilities
  • at least one tenant pays rent (or their employer pays it for them)

In some instances, smaller HMO’s also need a licence. You can check your local council’s requirements, on its website, to see if this applies.

If your landlord should have an HMO licence, but does not, they could be:

  • Unable to evict you with a section 21 notice
  • Banned from renting out other properties
  • Forced to repay up to 12 months’ rent back to you

We are experts in property law matters and have an extensive history of dealing with landlord & tenant disputes.

We work on the basis of taking a share any payment you receive from your landlord.  We will never ask you for a payment up front.  We only get paid if we succeed in obtaining a payment from your landlord, either through settlement or Tribunal award.

Let us assess, on a no cost/obligation basis, whether you have a claim against your landlord.

We’ll conduct a no cost/obligation assessment and contact you if we consider you have a valid claim. Simply complete the short form and providing us with a copy of your tenancy agreement if the following is true:

  • Are you living in rented accommodation? [Yes]
  • Are you living with 4 or more people, who are also renting [Yes]
  • Do you share communal facilities? [Yes]
  • Do either you, or one of the other tenants, pay rent? [Yes]
  • Did your landlord register and gain a license for your HMO? [No]
  • If the above is true, we believe that you may be living in an unregistered HMO. Please fill out this short form and we will get back to you:

Info to get from prospective clients:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Name and address of landlord
  • Tenancy agreement
  • Contact information (telephone number and email address)

If the answers to the bullet points are false, but you think you are living in an unregistered HMO and believe you may have a case, please get in touch!

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