Construction Procurement

Procurement Advice and Contract Drafting

We advise all parts of the supply chain on all methods of procurement, for example traditional, design & build, management contracting and EPC. We have worked on a wide range of projects in the construction and engineering sectors, from home building to nuclear power plants, and therefore have considerable expertise in the different procurement methods.

We also advise on public sector procurement in the post Brexit era, ie who is caught by the rules, what those rules are and what the contract sum thresholds are.

As well as procurement methods, we are experienced in drafting and negotiating all standard form domestic and international construction and engineering contracts, in particular JCT, NEC, IChemE, GC/Works, FIDIC, plus RIBA and RICS contracts and appointments. We understand the current contract suites and how to amend them to suit the circumstances of our client and the project.

Furthermore, we know how and when to use construction agreements in addition to the main construction contract. For example sub-contracts, consultant appointments, development agreements, funding agreements, insurance agreements, collateral warranties, novations, guarantees and bonds.

We also help clients draft and adapt Terms & Conditions, in particular suppliers.

Our approach to drafting and negotiating contracts is to tailor it to the needs of our client. We understand the need to be balanced in the number and types of amendments that one seeks to make to a contract. It is important to prioritise any changes and be clear with the client how to best manage the risk that is present on a given project. A contractor will not succeed at tender stage for example, if it seeks numerous changes that fundamentally alter the apportionment of risk.

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