Our firm’s ethics dictate that we be transparent on pricing.

We always provide fee estimates before commencing a phase of work. We tell you if, for whatever reason, that fee estimate will increase.

We send you weekly time narratives so you can see what work has been done on your matter over that period and how much fees have been incurred.

Our current hourly rates are:

Fee Earner Hourly Rate Range
(exclusive of VAT)
Senior Solicitor
£365 - £425 + VAT
Junior Solicitor
£225 - £275 + VAT
£90 - £125 + VAT

Our hourly rates vary depending on the fee earner acting for you and the complexity of the matter, this includes the importance, urgency, and its total value. The hourly rates for your matter will be clearly set out in our letter of engagement.

Unlike most law firms, we do not bill you for receiving emails or letters. We only bill you for the time we spend on your matter.

We provide detailed billing narratives with each invoice, explaining the work we have done for you that the invoice covers.

We often ask for money on account before commencing work on your behalf.  If the money on account is not sufficient to extinguish an invoice, we ask you to pay the residual balance within 14 days.

Sometimes we will advise you that our fees will likely be disproportionate if we advise you on a matter, e.g. if your claim is relatively low in value. If that is the case, we will suggest other paths forward for you.

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