Why Ridgemont?

The answer to that question is: because we are genuine specialists, tasked with exceeding your expectations and we try to be decent human beings into the bargain.

We know what we are talking about. We have many years of great training and experience behind us, and so our advice is expert. That is what you pay for and that is what we deliver.

Our advice is not legalistic and academic, but commercial and pragmatic. You can apply it to your immediate business needs. We know your industry too, its challenges, ways of doing things and idiosyncrasies. We know intimately the standard form contracts that you negotiate and agree. We have advised many, many times on all the contractual and dispute resolution methods that you get involved in.

We want to do better than you expect from your lawyer. We want to leave you feeling very well served and keen to recommend us to your clients and contacts. We want a proper client / lawyer relationship, not one that you only use when you absolutely have to. We shouldn’t be a distress purchase.

We will adapt our service where we can to adjust to your individual needs, as no two clients are the same. We are up front and transparent about our fees, and they are pitched at a fair price for what we do. We use tech to lower our overheads and maintain competitive hourly rates.  We tell you how to pay less for legal services by being great clients.  You can download a PDF here that explains more on this important subject.

We make complicated law and strategy as simple as possible so that our discussions are fully understood by you. We try to find the least adversarial route possible because the negotiation and compromise of legal disputes are usually the best way forward for all parties.

We will give you free knowledge via our website and training. We want you to know more, so that you can help yourselves and need us less. We try to be good people to deal with, acting ethically, openly and not elevating profit ahead of doing the best we can for you.

Ridgemont’s commitment to Community and Pro bono and B Corp standards on Environment, Sustainability and Social Impact and to Greener Litigation will contribute towards your own goals.

Many businesses say that they are different from their rivals, but we actually mean it.

Diversity & Inclusion

Ridgemont is committed to continuously building and maintaining a diverse and inclusive environment for all colleagues, clients and suppliers. We want to provide all our staff with a sense of belonging and we ensure we are always recruiting, retaining and fostering a positive supportive company culture which is embedded in our values.

Our key aims:

  • To contribute towards increasing diversity across the legal profession.
  • To continue recruiting and employing a workforce from many different ethnic backgrounds.
  • To foster a working environment in which all employees feel supported, valued, equal and respected.
  • Ensure employees are paid equally regardless of gender, culture, ethnic and religious backgrounds.
  • Implement a zero-tolerance policy for any racism, sexism and other tyles of intolerance to support diversity and inclusion.


If you have a complaint please follow our complaints procedure.

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