Possession Proceedings

We regularly act for residential landlords in Prime Central London in relation to obtaining possession of residential properties.  We are detailed in our approach, have a thorough understanding of the complex law in this area and the experience to be able to advise you on the best approach taking into consideration the specifics of your situation.  Our clients including international property funds, high net worth individuals and celebrities.

Landlord & Tenant legislation has created a complex web of obligations and requirements that mean any Landlord that seeks possession from a Tenant that is refusing to leave a property must take legal advice to ensure that they do not prejudice their position and ultimately waste time and money pursuing proceedings that will ultimately not be successful due to a technicality.

We can advise residential Landlords on all of their options in obtaining possession of their property, ranging from “no fault” Section 21 proceedings to Section 8 proceedings, where a Landlord wants to live in the property when the Tenant vacates, and beyond.

Taking Section 21 proceedings as an example, you need to make sure that you complied with the relevant legislation in providing the necessary and valid documents to the Tenant at the commencement of the tenancy.  For example, a failure to send the Tenant a valid and current EPC Certificate at the commencement of the tenancy will mean that any Section 21 Notice is invalid.  Any Landlord that seeks to rely on a Section 21 Notice in those circumstances will not be granted possession and is likely to be the subject of an adverse costs award i.e. made to pay the Tenant’s legal costs.

It is therefore crucial to get expert legal assistance when seeking to take back possession of your property.  Get in touch now, we are ready to help you.

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