December 2022

Covid 19 and Brexit: What can be done to protect against material price inflation?

Brexit and the Covid 19 pandemic have seen a substantial increase in the cost of materials in the construction sector. How is this dealt with in construction contracts? What is a fluctuations provision? Watch the above video to find out.

Here’s another chance to watch our webinar on inflation and insolvencies in the construction sector.

Estates Gazette

Ridgemont were invited by Estates Gazette to discuss current challenges surrounding housebuilding targets.

5 Things To Think About Heading In To 2023

With 2023 approaching, we’ve produced a note on 5 things to think about which includes, managing the rise in inflation, the Building Safety Act and more!

The Construction Index

The Grove decision in 2018 has had an unexpected impact on adjudications. Ridgemont were invited by The Construction Index to explain how.

Festive Drinks!

Last night we hosted our Ridgemont festive drinks event!

It was great to catch up with everyone and find out what exciting projects they are working on.

The live music from The Bluetones was fantastic.

We really appreciate everyone who came and joined in the fun!

We can’t wait to host again soon and wish everyone Happy Holidays.

The Bluetones Music Video – Slight Return

Are you a fan of The Bluetones? We were lucky enough to hear them perform live at our Ridgemont Pavilion open day. Watch the performance now. Ridgemont also interviewed Mark Morris, view here!

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