March 2023

Welcome to the Ridgemont newsletter, which this month includes another, value Ridgemont ePaper. This ePaper focuses on Adjudications involving insolvent parties and provides an update on insolvency legal news.

This is our second ePaper on insolvency in the Construction sector. We hope you find it a useful resource and do get in touch if you need any advice on anything contained within.

What is a pay less notice? (1 min)

Pay Less Notices are crucial documents that form part of the payment mechanism in construction. This video is a great starting point for the juniors in your team.

Twitter Sued by Crown Estate, Alleged Unpaid Rent (2 min)

John Wallace, commented on the crown estate’s legal action against Twitter for rent arrears, and whether we’re likely to see similar claims during the recession.

Construction News (2 min)

Construction News invited Tim Seal to author a piece on dealing with delays in construction contracts, which has been published in their latest edition!

Ridgemont CSR & ESG (5 min)

We believe in the power of giving back to our community. Find out how you can make a difference and our take on CSR & ESG in this note!

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